Updates on New Construction in Miami, FL
Bal Harbour condos for sale


Last week there were 2 new projects for new construction were taken under contract, one on the ocean at Surfside for 50 million and another at Bal Harbour, now Bal Harbour Club for 225 Million.
We do not have any more additional information about the Surfside project, but we want to make a comment on the Bal Harbour side.
    The analysts of Global Realty Partners asked to discuss these purchases with a sales director of St. Regis at Bal Harbour. What we have found out was not encouraging for new constructions.
Sales of the construction as well as zoning registrations at Bal Harbour would not allow to build over 2 22 story buildings and with prices over 225 million for 2 towers with an average selling price of $1,750-1,800 per square foot.  As said in a famous movie, “we are not there yet, not yet!”
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