If you have considered living in a sunny paradise, you should consider taking a look into Miami. The sizzling city is still one of the sexiest cities in the world, as it is infused with a sensual Latin flavor and combined with tropical location. Miami is home to an eclectic group of fun-loving people.
Miami is home to many varieties of attractions. In fact, Miami has so many attractions that you will have a hard time picking. The variety of attractions and activities include: beaches, water sports, theme parks, tours, outdoor activities, fine dining, entertainment, nightlife, and much more.

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As Florida is considered to be one of the most cultured and exciting states in the United States, a lot of residents and tourists come tot the mecca area of Miami. Miami is a very varied and cultured city, as tourists and residents from all around the world, especially Latin America and Europe, come to enjoy the vivid lifestyle of the enriched arts and sports that the city has to offer.

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New Marlins Ballpark Roof
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Despite their fearsome reputations, tiger and hammerhead sharks are in such serious decline that state wildlife managers want to outlaw killing them in state waters

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The Miami Marlins' rebranding effort has hit its stride. First the team formally changed its name and unveiled new uniforms at its new stadium, now it is reversing over a decade of spendthrift ways.

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PORT EVERGLADES — Roughly 53,500 cruise passengers arrived or departed aboard eight ships at Port Everglades on Saturday, setting a new world record, according to port officials.

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Now in its tenth year, Art Basel has become a big economic driver for Miami and has grown into one of the most significant festivals in the Americas.
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    In South Florida, the arts and music are very popular and an important part of the city. The arts and entertainment district is know as the Arts & Entertainment District, located in Fort Lauderdale. The district includes many amazing performing centers, museums, and more. In cities like Coconut Grove, its strong historical and artistic significance draws many different people to the neighborhood.
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