7 Reasons to Choose One Thousand Ocean Boca Raton as Your Ultimate Place to Live

              Reason One: Boca Raton has developed a vast Infrastructure system that contains a very large amount of amenities like parks, golf courses, tennis courts, and good transportation system for its relatively spaced out population is the reason why it towers when it comes to infrastructure compared to Dade and Broward County.

              Reason Two: Boca Raton does not have a lot of traffic compared to MIAMI Beach and Sunny Isles. With more and more construction projects that are going through the works in MIAMI and Sunny Isles, the factor of traffic is becoming more and more important. Trust me, avoiding a jumble of cars just to get from point A to B in a somewhat reasonable time can get infuriating.

              Reason Three: Boca Raton has excellent schools nearby such as Pine Crest, St. Andrews, Boca High, and more, which is extremely important for families with children. As a father with 2 kids myself, I make sure that they get the best education possible.

              Reason Four: Boca Raton has developed an extensive public transportation system as well as beach walk. Like having a good road system, having mass transportation and a beach walk will vastly decrease traffic, allow for people to get where they need to without using a car, and changes other factors like pollution and noise.

              Reason Five: Location, Location, Location. Condos like One Thousand Ocean Boca Raton have a superior location like being near prime attractions and having unparalleled views compared to any other building in Palm Beach county.

              Reason Six: Real estate prices in Boca Raton are still not as high as in areas like South Beach or Sunny Isles Beach, especially in premium projects like Mansions at Acqualina or Apogee MIAMI Beach.

              Reason Seven: Boca Raton has a very developed sports program, especially for tennis players, so athletes choose Boca Raton for the excellence in the programs and schools provided.


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