St Regis Condos for Sale: Purchase Your Piece of Luxury Today!
St Regis Condos for Sale: Purchase Your Piece of Luxury Today! : Real Estate blog

St Regis Condos for Sale: Purchase Your Piece of Luxury Today! : Real Estate blogBal Harbor is an entertaining city of luxury and also an open-ended market for real estate business. Bal Harbor homes for sale are available in a different classes and in different price ranges. If you’re considering buying a condo in Florida, you might want to take a look at St. Regis condos for sale in Bal Harbor before making up your mind. 

Bal Harbor condos for sale are available at St Regis Bal Harbor Resort and Residences. This is an iconic piece of property that was build by Lucien Lagrange in partnership with a renowned architectural firm, Seigar Suarez. The building is located in the ocean of Sheraton Bal Harbor Hotel site, in a front view mode, standing tall facing the Atlantic Ocean. 

The marvelous building is unique in quality, outlook, and elegance. It features the state-of-the-art interior to provide any person with extreme luxury benefits. It is also wrapped with an ultra-modern spa, good concierge services, and a signature restaurant along with other lavish and luxurious services. St. Regis condos for sale open many windows of opportunities for people willing to buy. Owning a piece of St Regis is a life changing experience, as it  means that you’ve moved on to the perfect home of luxury and comfort that everybody desires. St. Regis Resort and Residences is heaven on earth to anybody. You’ll be cooled with the building's serene nature and marvelous architecture throughout your stay. The tower's amazing views will definitely seduce you with its perfect view of the Atlantic. St. Regis condos for sale are also engulfed with greenly garden and lush landscape in the residence court. 

Now, what's the price of St Regis condo? A 3,424 sq ft. condo with 3 beds and 3.1 baths in the Southern tower of St. Regis costs an estimated $5,399,000; while a 1,177 sq ft. condo with 2 beds and 2.1 baths cost around $2,300,000. 

Buying St. Regis condos for salein Bal Harbour is not something that you'll second guess. St Regis is one of the most beautiful buildings in Florida and one of the most luxurious architecture in America. So, take a deep breath and relax when buying your St Regis piece of luxury now! 

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