The Current Status of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is the center of tourism in Florida and known as the “Venice of America”. From its beautiful beaches, to wonderful restaurants, not only is Fort Lauderdale a great place to visit during a vacation but it’s also a great place to buy a home and live with your family. Fort Lauderdale has countless, beautiful homes along its streets and many of them are more affordable than most people think. Property value is stable in Fort Lauderdale, which means that if you were to purchase a home, it would be a great investment as well as a great deal!

Global Realty Partners Services Coconut Creek

Global Realty Partners Services Coconut Creek : Real Estate blog

Global Realty Partners historically was servicing Miami and the Beaches, concentrating main efforts on Sale of Condos and Homes in Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbor, Hollywood Beach and South Beach. Our Real Estate Agency is different from the big real estate houses. We do not have scores of agents. We opted on having just a few handpicked specialists that are highly qualified, motivated and geared towards potential clients in the luxury niche of the Real Estate Market in Miami Area.

Two Faces of the Argument South Florida

Many foreigners and citizens are attracted the heated Miami real estate market, as the area of South Florida has grown a wide extending selection of properties. This means that the market is adaptable with the consumer, as there will be a property that suits their needs. The region of Florida is blessed with a distinguishable range of properties, which encompasses many different topics, all the way from being a ultra-luxurious tourist destination located across the sunny coast of FL to being an international focus for business, commerce, finance, culture, media, arts, entertainment, and trade.

South Beach real estate is the ultimate destination for any person

South Beach condos,homes for sale

A great feature about South Beach real estate is the luxurious oceanfront condos. They are the prominent condos in the world for many reasons. These condos are a small walking distance away from restaurants, fancy boutiques, and white sand beaches. Not only that, but life in South Beach is a blend of urban and tropical paradise living.

Boca Raton real estate remains ultimate destination for New Yorkers.

Boca Raton, the lake
Boca Raton condos
Boca Raton real estate

The inventories for luxury oceanfront condos in Boca Raton for sale are drying out. For example, such lavish condos as Luxuria Boca Raton & Presidential Place have only 2 condos left each. One Thousand ocean, the newest oceanfront development in Boca Raton, has only a few remaining units from the developer. Last year, the selling team launched an ad program on the TV Show “Selling NY”, which brought a lot of attention from New Yorkers.

Choosing the Ultimate Place to Live in Sunny Isles Beach.

Over the last 5 years, Sunny Isles Beach has become the ultimate place to live for a lot of foreigners. The city attracts a lot of attention from the developed infrastructure, newly built school, library, and city hall. A lot of parents feel safe to bring their kids to Sunny Isles Beach, sign them up the newly-built school, and then get somebody to take care of them, enabling them to continue making money in their countries.

When is it the right time to buy Fort Lauderdale real estate?

For those buyers who did not step in about a year ago to buy Fort Lauderdale properties, it is a tough decision to make.
In the last February-March months, the real estate prices for ocean front condos hit rock bottom. Since then, prices have appreciated about 10-15%. It is very difficult to get basic sales with ocean front view properties. For those who are trying to find one, it is not an easy task either. The banks are holding on to investors releasing its prices by price and when putting propulsion for sale, putting it about 20% below the market.

Residents, village officials air feelings on sale of Bal Harbour Club property

The article portrays the feeling of upset Bal Harbour residents who felt that they been robbed. I would want them to calm down. First of all, if the project would get thought the city, the will become more rich and would be able to afford more on spending on infrastructure and perhaps even minimizing taxes for their residents. Does it sound not true?

Bal Harbour condos remains an excellent source of investments

Bal Harbour real estate over the last decade took world recognition as an excellent tool for investments. The last 5 years have been tough for MIAMI real estate though. Bal Harbour real estate also showed "symptoms" from the recession that we are experiencing today, but the market recovered quickly. If you look back to prices from 2007-2008, Bal Harbour real estate prices appreciated more than 40% from the bottom.

Sunny Isles condos FL remains an excellent investment site

Sunny Isles condos FL remains an excellent investment site : Real Estate blog
Sunny Isles condos FL remains an excellent investment site : Real Estate blog
Sunny Isles condos FL remains an excellent investment site : Real Estate blog
Sunny Isles condos FL remains an excellent investment site : Real Estate blog
Sunny Isles condos FL remains an excellent investment site : Real Estate blog

Sunny Isles condos FL remains an excellent investment site.
Sunny Isles FL real estate has changed dramatically over the last 10-12 years. Only few people remember how it was like 12 years ago in Sunny Isles, how the city only contained a few high rises that were finished like Ocean One, Sands Pointe, and Pinnacle condominiums.