8.04.2012 Market Overview in Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour real estate

Inventory in Bal Harbour continues to decrease with a steady pace. St. Regis at Bal Harbour condo established the record of sale of 25 million. An Italian buyer bought 5 ocean units together and is planning to make a mansion on the ocean, combining these units together. Before that, we only saw those kind of sales in South Beach condos.

7.28.2012 Weekly Market Review

We wrote before that the market conditions dramatically changed since the real estate market crash of 2007-2008. What do we see now? Is it a new real estate bubble? We see that real estate is getting back into fashion and investors do not shy from asking radical prices.

05.20.2012 Updates for MIAMI Real Estate

Last year's median asking prices have increased more than 24% according to National Association of Realtors and Glozal, a network for realtors.

05.20.2012 Market Weekly Review

Sunny isles Beach condos

The inventory in MIAMI Real Estate continues to decline with a modest pace.
Thus, inventories for Sunny Isles Real Estate decline in May to 582 from the 624 condos for sale in April. In Bal Harbour, inventories almost have not changed, although they have went up to 214 units from the 207 condos for sale in April. We can see also almost no changes in inventories in South Beach Real Estate for sale.

04.30.2012 Ready to make a move? Are you ready to make a closer look to Boca Raton?

Boca Raton condos for sale

The prices for new construction in new or relatively new projects in Sunny Isles Beach like Turnberry Ocean Colony, Jade Ocean, Mansions at Acqualina or Regalia are flying through the roof and have appreciated for the last two years almost 18-20% annually.

04.22.2012 Weekly’s market report.

The inventories in Miami’s real estate continue to decline with a modest pace. We have already written about Sunny Isles Beach only having 658 condos available for sale at the end of March. This month the inventories for sale were reduced to 624. The same tendency can be seen in Bal Harbour real estate. For example, last month there were 210 units available for sale in Bal Harbour, and now this month the amount was reduced to 207. Now fewer and fewer sellers are deciding to sell their properties and those who decide to usually find something else to buy.

04.18.2012 New construction is back in South Florida

In July of last year, spending for construction purposes increased in Miami, as it continued to rise in Broward County as well. Broward County spent just as much in real estate related costs as in city of Miami. Much of this spending is due to the increase on custom built homes. Areas in which this is occurring are Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Pinecrest. Foreigners are also a major contribution to this spending.

04.18.2012 New York Buyers in Miami

Miami, Sunny Isles Beach
Miami , Solimar condo

When our country's economy began its downfall the housing industry felt it as well. At this point Miami's real estate was booming. From the year the real estate market started to improve people from all over the world flooded the city of Miami in hopes of snagging a deal. Miami has now become the center of it all for those coming from other countries to operate their businesses here in the United States. These newcomers are now a very important factor in Miami's real estate success.

04.08.2012 Trend for Real Estate in South Florida

Condos in Miami, Trump Hollywood
Miami, downtown

Real estate trend for next few years in South Florida is obviously going up! We will try to support this statement by two charts taken from the Miami Herald in the January business section and from the web site At this point we will just assume that the data provided by those 2 sources are correct. At the end we will provide you data taken from third independent resource.

04.05.2012 Sunny Isles Miami Real Estate

Sunny Isles Beach

This week 2 new developers released their prices to their building: Chateau Beach (site on 174th St and Collins) and Oceana at Key Biscayne.