The Importance of Infrastructure for Choosing a Place to Live

Everybody knows that in real estate there are 3 important factors for choosing your place to reside. These factors are: location, location, and location. We tried to compile a list of factors that make properties desirable to potential buyers, which takes into consideration aspects like the age of potential buyers and their original social status. Wh eventually found the most important factors for purchases:

1. The popularity of the area for a specific ethnic group - We found that people have a tendency to live near other people who share the same nationality. For example, Russians prefer to live in 3 areas: Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, and Fisher Island; Brazilians in Sunny Isles, South Beach, and surprisingly a large share in Pompano Beach.                

2. Development of Infrastructure: for most Europeans as well as for Latin American buyers, this is the most important factor for living. Having a well-developed transportation system and city layout is a huge relief compared to the craziness of other cities like Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. 

3. How close the place of living is relative to luxury locations like near the water- Having keep features like beaches, malls, and other areas will increase the desirability of any property

4. Schools- for buyers with children, being near schools saves lots of time by drastically  lowering commute time

5. Access to the nearest highways and traffic - With so much development happening in Sunny Isles and Hallandale, MIAMI traffic has become a very important factor to where you plan on having your property. Having it far from other key areas will detract from the desirability of the property. 

Summary: After understanding that infrastructure is one of the most important factors for our clients, we have done changes to our website. Now you can see the nearest clubs, restaurants, and the other entertainment venues in the area when looking for properties in South Florida.