School guide

A Guide for Picking the Best School in South Florida

    Picking real estate in general can be a very hard decision with many variables in it, and South Florida is no exception. In fact, it can be a very difficult decision to pick the best property possible. I can tell all parents shopping for real estate in South Florida that   picking the right school is the most important decision ever. Luckily, both Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County all host a various choice of wonderful schools to pick from. Why is choosing a school so hard? I shall explain more in the next paragraph.
    As a parent of two kids myself, I can tell you from experience that picking the strongest school available is the best decision to make when buying real estate. From prior experience and knowledge with my son, picking the strongest and most challenging school can set up a great future for your child and prepares them for the real world. My son is now a mature, nice, and very smart child because of the way the school “formed” his character. Not only that, but children are in school for a very good chunk of childhood, so giving them a great school with a good, clean, and new environment is imperative. Usually, private schools fit all of the criteria for a fantastic school but many public schools are also very nice and provide a good learning area.

Private Schools in South Florida

    Pine Crest School is the one of the top school in the nation, as it is very strong in academics, sports, fine arts, and more. It has two campuses, one in Fort Lauderdale and one in Boca Raton. Pine Crest features incredible teachers who are compassionate and take learning to a whole new level. Also, the facilities are absolutely incredible, with the hallmark of the school being the new high school building that was build last year. It features a Student Union, classrooms grouped by subject, brand new desks, state-of-the-art SmartBoard, and so much more. Not only that, but athletics and fine arts are very strong in Pine Crest also. To prove my point, Pine Crest has been ranked 2nd in the nation, which is an outstanding feat for any school.

    Some other alternatives include Saint Andrews, which has a slightly more “modern” approach to its buildings and is located near Pine Crest Boca Raton. It is also well known for its academics and athletics. Also, you can go for American Heritage or University School, which are both great campuses that are located in different parts of Broward and are more reasonably priced. Also, if you are planning to live in the Miami area, then Gulliver Preparatory and Ransom are good choices.

Public Schools in South Florida

    If a private school is not your choice, then there are many great public schools in South Florida. Most are pretty nice, but here are some worth noting:

Broward: Spanish River, Fort Lauderdale High School, Bayview Elementary, Sunrise Middle School
Sunny Isles: Sunny Isles K-8 School
Bal Harbour: Ruth K. Broad Elementary School.
Miami: Palmetto Elementery, Middle, and High School; Leewood K-8 Center, Frank Crawford Martin K-8 Center